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The growing concern for personal safety and property security has increased the demand for residential security services, which have become more important than ever.

Understanding residential security services

Residential security services encompass a range of measures designed to create a robust defence system for your home. Some of the most common ones are CCTV cameras and private security, but you can add advanced systems. Here’s a breakdown of their key components:

Surveillance systems

Securing your home goes beyond locking doors and windows. Surveillance systems stand as silent guardians, watching over your property and providing an additional layer of protection.

  • CCTV Cameras: Strategically placed cameras act as watchful eyes, monitoring the exterior and interior of your property 24/7.
  • Biometric Access: Fingerprint or retina scans offer first-class protection, ensuring that only authorised individuals can enter your facility.
  • Perimeter Security: An often overlooked but crucial aspect of residential security is perimeter protection. This includes fences, gates, and barriers that serve as the first line of defence against intruders. Advanced systems can integrate sensors and alarms that trigger when someone attempts to breach the perimeter, providing an early warning system and deterring potential intruders before they reach your home.
  • Smart Technology: Integration with smart devices allows for real-time monitoring and alerts, putting control in your hands, even when you’re away.
  • Smart Locks: Replace traditional locks with advanced smart locks that allow keyless entry, making access difficult for unauthorised individuals.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems play the crucial role of alert conductor. These systems deter burglars and have proven useful for crime prevention.

  • Intrusion Alarms: Alarms with sensors placed on doors and windows can deter intruders on your property. The best alarms automatically call the police or security team and can be controlled by phone.
  • Smoke and Fire Alarms: Comprehensive security includes protection against not just intruders but also potential disasters. These alarms sound to alert the occupants of the property and call emergency services.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Beyond intruders and fires, comprehensive residential security systems also monitor environmental threats. This includes detectors for water leaks, gas leaks, and drastic temperature changes. These systems are vital for preventing damage from non-human threats, ensuring that your home is protected from a wide range of potential emergencies.

Why you need residential security services

A visible security system is usually enough to deter potential intruders. Criminals are less likely to target homes with strong security measures. However, in the unfortunate event of a security breach, residential security services ensure a quick response, whether it’s alerting authorities or dispatching on-site security.

Knowing that your home is equipped with the latest residential security services provides peace of mind and increases family safety.

Furthermore, investing in residential security not only protects your loved ones but also your real estate investment. Properties with security systems tend to have a higher resale value.

Additionally, residential security services are not one-size-fits-all. They can be tailored to your specific needs, considering your home’s layout, environment, and lifestyle. The key to a good security system is reliability and adaptability to the needs of the space and its occupants.

Remote access and control

Modern residential security services often include the ability to remotely access and control your security systems via smartphones or computers. This feature allows homeowners to check in on their property, receive real-time alerts, and even control security features like lights and locks from anywhere in the world. This level of control and accessibility adds a layer of convenience and reassurance, particularly for those who travel frequently or leave their property unattended for extended periods.

Security at home is paramount, and residential security services are your house’s first line of defence. Investing in these services is an investment in the safety of your family, the protection of your property, and peace of mind when you’re out.

Stok K9 Security Services provide bespoke residential security services to ensure your property is fully protected.

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For some, although probably a minority, the winter months are more attractive than their summer counterpart. The crisp mornings, the cosy evenings and the thick cable-knit jumpers all add to that distinctly British practice we know as ‘hunkering down’. On the flip side of this, however, is a less palatable fact; the winter months are particularly attractive for criminals – burglars and thieves, in particular.

Winter’s allure may lie in its crisp mornings, cozy evenings, and the comfort of cable-knit sweaters, but beneath this seasonal charm, a sobering reality emerges. The colder months hold a peculiar allure for criminals, particularly burglars and thieves seeking opportunities amidst the longer nights and earlier sunsets. It’s during this time that the importance of safeguarding your home becomes even more pronounced.

That’s why the team here at Stok K9 Security Services, which offers a wide range of deterrent services, wanted to look through how to protect the home, this winter.

Shorter days

Only the more brazen burglars and thieves have a crack at a home during daylight hours, especially if the property is occupied. Whilst we might not live in the 24-hour darkness that some of our Scandinavian friends are lumped with, the days at this time of year are still a lot shorter, and a lot darker. That means consistently longer timeframes over which criminals can make attempts on your home.

With full darkness taking hold by as early as three-thirty or four PM, that’s a much larger window through which you have to be vigilant. Unfortunately, many people aren’t vigilant and that goes part of the way to showing why theft insurance claims tend to peak during the winter months.

Don’t forget the garage…

It’s amazing just how often homeowners will diligently go around their house, every night, locking doors and windows, but then completely forget about the linking door between the garage and the house. It’s such a common and easy access point for burglars for this very reason. The same goes for the doors and the windows into the garage, itself. For some reason, people just seem to forget about it!

Residential Security

The easiest home security tips for winter

So, those are some of the issues, but what are the easiest ways to prevent them? The following are all ways in which you can sleep a little easier, this season:

  • Lock your windows. Given what we were talking about, this is unquestionably this season’s top security reminder. Whatever the size of your home, whether big or small, just going back and doing that extra check can make all the difference.
  • Keep your home lit. If you are going to leave the home, over the season, then it’s worth racking up a few extra pennies on the month’s electricity bill for the sake of a safer home. 
  • Don’t make classic mistakes. What do we mean by this? Well, where do you keep the spare key (if you, in fact, even do) – under the outside door mat, perhaps? Well, we’d advise not doing that, because you’re probably not being as ingenious with your hiding spot as you think you are. Burglars have seen it all before, and if you’ve hidden it somewhere that you’ll remember, then the chances are that burglars will be able to suss out that spot, as well.
  • Just be careful! It might sound obvious, but perhaps the most helpful home security advice we can give is not to let your guard down too much, this winter, tempting though it might be given the year we’ve had. So, be careful and perhaps consider a couple of extra measures (timer lights and CCTV) to keep yourself and your family safe.

Contact us for more home security tips

Whether you’d like practical security solutions, or advice from experts, we’re here to help. Stay safe this winter with the team here at Stok K9 Security Services, who offer everything from CCTV to manned guarding. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, then get in touch! Contact us today on Stok K9 Security Services by calling 0800 002 5761 or by emailing us at


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The Trends Dominating The World Of Remote Surveillance Systems

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The Ubiquity of Crime Across Industries

Every industry faces crime. Financial businesses often deal with fraud, the retail world battles shoplifting, and digital companies face clever malware. The construction sector isn’t free from these troubles. There are certain crime trends especially seen in this industry. We, at Stok K9 Security Services, aim to understand these trends deeply.

A Glimpse at Crime Trends Over The Past Century

In the UK, how crime looks and feels has evolved over the past hundred years. A big reason is the growth in technology available to criminals. For some perspective, during the 1960s, each year had about one million crimes. But, by the 1980s, this number had jumped to 3.5 million crimes every year. It’s important to say that the way people report crimes and how they are recorded might have influenced these numbers. But, one thing is clear: crime rates have been going up.

The Construction Sector: A Prime Target

The construction sector has always been attractive to criminals. Why? Because it offers many chances for wrongdoing. Right now, certain crime trends are more popular in this sector. And, in recent years, more people have been asking for construction site security services than ever before.

Common Crimes in the Construction Sector

Theft and Vandalism

Theft is a big issue in the construction industry. For years, criminals have seen construction sites as treasure troves. Why? Because these sites have lots of valuable things, like machines and materials, which can be sold for a good amount of money. People believe that thefts from UK construction sites add up to a huge £800 million every year. Rising costs of machines and the growing price of metal, combined with not many stolen items being returned, make this problem even bigger.

Vandalism, on the other hand, might not cost as much as theft, but it’s still a pain. A study in 2016 by the Chartered Institute Of Building (CIOB) revealed that 91% of the companies they asked had faced some kind of vandalism.

Assault and Intimidation

It’s sad, but construction workers often feel threatened or even get attacked by people who shouldn’t be on the site. Especially when there’s no security around. As thieves get bolder, it’s really important to have some kind of security to keep them away. We believe having guards, like dog handlers, can be a good idea. Because if you stop intruders from entering, there’s no chance for things to turn violent.

The Hidden Crimes in Construction

Organised Crime and Its Effects

Sadly, organised crime in the construction world has gone up lately. One big issue is illegal trafficking. Why is the construction industry a target? It’s seen as a safe bet for criminals. There’s a rise in fake construction skills cards, and some groups might be earning up to £60,000 a week from sneaky construction deals. In 2018, a study showed that half of the migrant workers in construction didn’t have proper contracts or the right skills to be safe at work.

So, how can security help with this? It’s all about being clear and stopping these shady actions. By hiring a trusted security company, like ours, these dodgy deals can be kept out.

Cybercrime in Construction

You might think cybercrimes are just for techy businesses, but construction is seeing more and more of them too. Building projects have lots of people working together and trust is super important. They need to share information safely and quickly. If someone hacks this info, not only can it slow down the work, but it also ruins trust. Attacks on computers, like phishing, ransomware, and viruses, are becoming more common in construction.

While construction sites usually focus on having guards, dogs, and cameras, they should also think about their online safety. It’s good news that more and more construction companies are spending money to stay safe online.

Need Help with Security?

After the challenges of this past year, keeping construction sites safe is top priority. If you want to learn about how we can help keep your site safe, call us! You can reach Stok K9 Security Services at 0800 002 5761 or email us at

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There’s no denying the benefits of utilising security guards in the protection of an asset. You need only take a look at the impact that any kind of uniformed guard has on us, psychologically, to see that it’s worth it. Whether you like to admit it or not, we all experience a slight tightening up – and it might barely be perceptible – when we walk past a guard in uniform, even when we’ve done nothing wrong!

But there’s a vast difference in the quality of guard provision out there, however – a difference that most people aren’t aware of in the slightest. To most people, a guard is a guard, and that’s that. That’s why here at Stok K9 Security Services, who provide security guards in London, wanted to look at not just the importance, but the necessity, of SIA-approval in the world of protection.

What Is The SIA?

First and foremost, let’s look at what the SIA exactly is. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the UK’s governmental body in charge of regulating the private security industry, nationwide. Their overall vision is to raise standards within the private security measure. This commitment has translated into thorough examinations and training courses for any guard wishing to gain their license, resulting in more proficient and highly-qualified security guards as a result. Everyone benefits, then, from utilising SIA-licensed guards – apart from would-be criminals, of course, but we think we can live with that…

It’s The Law!

If you want to be completely above board with your project’s security, then you’re going to have to use SIA-licensed guards because simply put, you have to. Under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, it’s illegal to undertake security guard work (such as patrolling and theft prevention) without an SIA license (barring certain exemptions). Now, of course, you could opt for a less reputable security service, a firm who, in return for their lack of standards offer a cheaper service, but do you really want to commit a crime in the very process of trying to prevent one? And all to save a few pennies? In the security industry, if there’s one thing you want to avoid it’s cutting corners. We know who we’d use if we were you… 


One of the main benefits in using SIA licensed security guards in London is that it enables you a much more comprehensive security provision. What do we mean by this? Well, take a construction site, for instance. The construction industry is one that requires a complex and varied security framework. Having an SIA-license means that guards can legally carry out a variety of on-site procedures, including manned guarding, mobile guarding, gate supervision, cash and valuables in transit, vehicle immobilisation and CCTV supervision. In other words, if you want a team of security guards that offers a truly wide-ranging and secure service, and who more importantly are legally compliant, then it’s imperative that you use guards with SIA licenses as an absolute minimum.

Our Own Security Guards In London

Our guards are not only SIA licensed, but screened in accordance with BS785 vetting standards, as well. This means our guards have an extensive understanding of industry regulation, best practice and, arguably more importantly than anything else, completely and utterly trustworthy. If you’re going to be placing high-value assets (whatever form that might take) in the hands of an external company, you want to make sure you can trust them. These licenses and standards are a watertight guarantee of exactly that.

Which Sectors Most Need Manned Security?


Whilst security is unquestionably important throughout every sector, there are certain sectors for whom it’s more important than others. The construction sector is one such area. In fact, in a report by leading insurer Allianz Insurance plc found that plant theft claims rose steadily in the last 10 years (from 428 instances to 730 instances). It’s unsurprising when you consider the basket-value of plant machinery, and one of the most widely accepted means of reducing these theft instances is by having some form of security presence, preferably in the form of manned guarding. In recent times, it’s not just thefts that have increased on construction sites, with a proliferation in the number of crane climbers and trespassers, as well.



Where there are nice things, there’ll be nasty activities. It might be a simplistic way of looking at it, but for the most part it rings true, and the retail sector is a good example of it. Looking at statistics from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) from 2018, they found that a total of 41,000 violent incidents were reported in retail settings. The same consortium found that retailers’ perception and attitude towards the police’s response to retail crime was (generally) poor. There’s no question that the use of private manned guarding could drastically reduce these figures. Arguably, the cost of utilising a firm such as ours would be minimal in relation to the loss over the course of a year from shoplifted stock, for instance.

Contact Stok K9 Security Services

By taking a gamble and using non-SIA licensed guards for your security measures, you arguably place yourself at just as much risk as you would from not using any guards, whatsoever. So, if you’d like to find out more about our security guards in London, then get in touch! Contact Stok K9 Security Services today on 0800 002 5761 or by emailing us at


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Summer is approaching, and it’s time for a well-deserved holiday. When you leave your house, it’s crucial to ensure the security of your property. Implementing preventive measures such as CCTV protection and alarm systems will provide you with peace of mind. Read on to discover essential security tips to safeguard your house while you’re away enjoying your vacation.

Find more about Residential Security

1. Install a Reliable Home Security System

Investing in a reliable home security system is one of the most effective ways to protect your property. CCTV monitoring, connected via the internet, sends real-time images from your cameras to security personnel. This system includes motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and door and window sensors. The presence of CCTV cameras will deter potential burglars and allow you to keep an eye on your house even when you’re away.

2. Use Security Dogs

Security dogs can be very useful in property safety and burglary prevention. They will prevent intruders from being tempted to enter your home. Displaying a sign indicating the presence of a dangerous dog can be even more effective.

3. Reinforce Doors and Windows

Before going out for summer holidays, ensure that all weak spots like doors and windows are properly secured. Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors to reinforce those weak points. Additionally, consider adding a security film or laminated glass inside large windows or glass spaces to make them more resistant to break-ins. Always double-check that all exterior doors and windows are properly locked before leaving your property.

4. Keep Your Vacation Plans Private

Avoid posting your vacation plans on social media while you’re away from home. Posting real-time images or videos can alert criminals that your property is unoccupied, making it an easy target. Save your vacation updates for after you return home to maintain the security of your property.

5. Create the Illusion of an Occupied House

To prevent burglary or occupation during your holiday, create the illusion that your property is inhabited. Ask a trusted person to collect your mail and move the curtains or blinds from time to time. Use timers to automatically turn on devices or lights, and make sure any packages are delivered during your absence. This will help protect your home from potential intruders.

6. Inform Trusted Neighbors, Family Members, or Friends

Informing trusted individuals such as neighbors, family members, or friends about your absence is crucial for securing your house. Provide them with your contact information if they don’t already have it, and ask them to keep an eye on your home and report any suspicious activity. Share your exact location and emergency contact details to ensure prompt communication in case of any problems.

7. Secure Outdoor Spaces

Don’t forget to secure outdoor spaces like the garage, garden, or outbuildings. Use overgrown bushes or trees to cover these areas from potential intruders. Employ security measures such as motion-activated outdoor lights, secure gates, and locks on garages and sheds to prevent unauthorized access.

8. Avoid Hiding Spare Keys Outside

Leaving spare keys outside your house is an obvious security risk. Burglars know common hiding spots and can quickly access your property if they find the keys. Instead, leave spare keys with someone you trust or grant access to the inside of your home to a reliable person while you’re on holiday.

Protecting your property during summer holidays is crucial for ensuring your peace of mind while you’re away. Implementing security tips such as CCTV cameras, reinforced doors and windows, a reliable home security system, and creating the illusion of an occupied house will reduce the risk of burglaries or intrusions during your vacation.

When it comes to enhancing the security of your home during the summer holidays, Stok-k9 provides professional services that can make a significant difference. With their trained and vigilant security dogs, Stok-k9 offers an added layer of protection to deter potential intruders and ensure the safety of your property. The presence of these highly skilled canines acts as a powerful deterrent, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation. Stok-k9’s team can assess your specific security needs and customize their services to provide the highest level of protection for your home. By partnering with Stok-k9, you can enhance your home’s security and enjoy a worry-free holiday.

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Metal theft cost millions

Unfortunately, metal theft from construction sites is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK. Insurer Allianz Cornhill recently revealed that theft alone costs the industry just shy of £800M per annum. It’s a huge concern for not only the industrial and construction industry, but the communities they serve.

 The theft of metal from infrastructure is more than just an inconvenience of costs; it can lead to major disruptions in scheduled services and create serious safety concerns. We wanted to discuss the necessary and efficient construction security measures that can be considered, in order to prevent metal theft from construction sites.

Why metal?

Although high-value tools and machinery are extremely attractive to thieves, raw metals have increased in popularity with criminals. Certain metals are very high-value and are difficult to track down once stolen, which is why opportunistic thieves continue to target sites that offer them easy access

Copper, lead, stainless steel, aluminium and iron are being targeted by thieves looking for easy and quick money. With the value of metal continuing to increase, it can be sold onto scrap yard dealers for a lot of money. Thieves grab what they can, leaving a lot of internal and external damage, escaping with an easy profit.

With 7,000 thefts, per month, recorded nationwide, copper theft is of particular concern. Thieves target gas pipes, electrical wiring, copper cable and lightning conductors, all of which can be stripped from vacant homes, industrial buildings and, primarily, construction sites. 

The impact

When items are stolen from a construction site, the losses impact the business a lot further than the value of the metal. Other costs include the amount needed to replace the lost goods, and repairing the damage caused from the theft. It also means that projects can be delayed significantly, so the site would have to account for any project overrun expenses. Insurance premiums may increase and site managers must then spend time and effort reporting the incident to the authorities.

There are numerous ways to secure your site and protect you from theft. Remember, that any security services will be an investment to your property. It may seem like a fairly sizable expense to begin with, but trust us when we say that these services will prove invaluable to your company in the long run.

Secure your site

The area surrounding your site should be properly secured; ideally, using high quality fencing and locking systems. These should be checked daily for damage and potential unauthorised access points. Staff should be trained how to securely lock entry points at the end of the working day, as will this cover your back. If everyone knows how to utilise the system, you increase your chances of utmost security. Additionally, padlocks, razor wire and anti-climb paint are all appropriate methods to further discourage theft and vandalism.

 When checking the terrain, be vigilant and leave nothing to chance. Remove any possible access onto building roofs when not in use; this doesn’t have to be construction equipment. Waste bins, stationary vehicles and even overgrown vegetation can allow trespassers access to a construction site. Keep in mind that if you do have extra scaffolding in place at any time, it’s a good idea to disclose this building work to your insurance company to ensure you’re covered.

Clear and visible signs stating prosecution of trespassers will also act as a powerful deterrent. Similarly, signs that ask the community to call the police if they see suspicious activity occurring out of hours can be helpful too. Thieves will always try their luck in sites where there is no lighting, as they can sneak in undetected, so construction sites should be kept well-lit, especially after-hours.

Stock management

Having an inventory system in place will help you to keep a record of all onsite tools, equipment and high-value materials. Take photos and make sure your lists are accurate and organised, so you can easily identify any problems. Ensure that supply arriving on site is signed for and proper documentation received, this way you have proof of the physical stock you have.

Talking of stock, it might seem like a good idea to pre-order large quantities of supplies and store them on site. The most secure option, however, is to schedule orders as and when you need them. It means that your communication must be thorough with co-workers, so that deliveries can be accurately arranged, in order for projects to stay on track. In essence, having excess materials laying around on site, unfortunately, just invites people to steal them.

Authorised personnel only

To ensure health, safety and security, it’s imperative that only authorised persons have access to the site. A keycard system or even more efficient, a biometric access control unit can be installed to help managers monitor who is on the premises. The smart data can track how long staff have been on site and if anyone is using an expired or fake ID card in an attempt to enter the site.

To further enhance your construction site security, it’s important that regular employee checks and training are carried out. This ensures the wellbeing and safety of all staff and accidents or incidents are a lot less likely to happen if this becomes regular protocol.

Forensic grease

Metal items can actually be marked with a forensic grease which is clearly visible under ultraviolet lighting. Once a thief handles the metal, the grease transfers onto their hands and clothing and the criminal is then irrefutably linked to the crime scene.

The grease is almost impossible to remove, and contains microscopic discs containing a unique code linked to your property. With an increase in popularity, more recently, forensic grease has played a crucial role in the recovery and return of stolen goods.

CCTV camera installation

Investing in CCTV video is an extremely effective way of monitoring your construction security. It’s important that the surveillance cameras are set up to enable you a wide range of site visibility. Image is very important but so is the field of vision. In order to provide the most efficient overview of an area, consider 360-degree dome cameras.

They will provide you with a more accurate overall view of a location. If you are in need of something more targeted, for example, for more visibility on a narrow walkway, bullet cameras are just as effective and allow you to focus on the area in question. Quality is extremely important, so take a look at the best CCTV models out there and always purchase from a reputable supplier. 


Contact us for more information about our construction site security services 

Carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of your construction site to ascertain high-risk areas and pinpoint the most suitable security services for your business. 

Investing in any of these construction site security services will significantly increase both your on-site and off-site safety. The bottom line is being prepared. Preventing the detrimental impact of metal theft and site crime before it happens is the smartest thing you can do. Review your current security plan and make sure it’s up to date for what your site needs. 

Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we provide comprehensive, high quality security services. Whatever your security needs, we have the equipment and expertise to help you take the necessary steps to protect your industrial business. If you’d like to find out more about our construction security services, then get in touch! Contact Stok K9 Security Services today on 0800 002 5761 or by emailing us on


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By Jose Luis Nebot On

Set yourself apart from the competition

As summer gets closer, people are starting to book vacations and weekends away and one thing’s for sure, hotels must be prepared for the influx of people on-site, not just from a health and safety angle, but from a security perspective, as well.

If you truly want to set yourself apart from the competition and gain returning customers, it’s important that your clientele receive service that goes above and beyond. Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we are experts in high-end security. Implementing the right security strategies now will demonstrate your level of customer care, giving your hotel that ‘wow factor’.

Great expectations

No matter the circumstances, guests come to stay with the expectation and understanding that their belongings will be both safe and secure throughout their duration at a hotel. Similarly, it’s paramount that staff also feel safe during working hours and that facility assets are protected. Having the correct hotel security systems in place will ensure ultimate assurance.

Reviews and recommendations

Fundamentally, good customer service is what brings returning custom. It’s essential that you are delivering the level of service expected, as an ambassador of the hospitality industry. Security services can definitely benefit your customers’ experience and in turn, will benefit your business. Customers will not want to enter your facility if there is any sort of security threat, no matter how wonderful the dining options or the spa facilities are.

You can access TripAdvisor at the touch of a button, one bad review can cost your reputation and consequently, further business. You can spend years building a reputation, only for it to be ruined in five minutes – think about that before you say no to security. Never underestimate the power of reviews and recommendations.

Don’t risk it

Hotels are vulnerable to security breaches because of their ‘open door’ environment. We’re not trying to scaremonger, but without physical security at the front door, you’re leaving your business susceptible to incidents like theft, potential armed robbery and assault. The priority of security guards are to protect the people and the property. They will be the first ones to respond to an incident before the arrival of the authorities. Not only are security personnel a brilliant deterrent, but their timely response will prevent unexpected crimes from escalating.

Security guards are invaluable

Guests often come to a hotel for leisure purposes; to experience a change of scenery, to relax and unwind. Security guards enable guests to enjoy themselves and feel at home because their safety is always priority and any worry of unfamiliarity is taken away.

Additionally, security can also be available at the request of guests when it comes to escorting them to their vehicles, especially when valet parking is not available or it is late at night.
Likewise, if a guest or trespasser was to become inebriated or combative, a security guard could evict the person in question, escort them to a taxi or call for the police. Having specialist security guards to intervene in these incidences saves the time and welfare of hotel staff, who may not be trained to deal with these scenarios.

Access control systems

Hotel security systems can allow authorised access control to the vicinity. We’ve all experienced this as guests – being given key cards to gain secure, individual access to our rooms. Hotels looking to further improve their security services should upgrade their locks and entry points to avoid security breaches. Having keycards or biometric systems that only let those permitted onto the premises, decreases the risk of unauthorised access.
Security is about constantly improving and developing. Conduct regular background checks on staff, hire genuine and trustworthy individuals and hold regular, up to date security training with employees. This will keep them up to date with the latest developments. Enforcing this procedure will ensure that everyone is on the same page, and as a result, positively impact your security structure.

Remote surveillance

Installing high-quality CCTV security is absolutely essential for any hotel. Make sure that your systems are well positioned to cover key business areas, including entrances and exits. It could be the lifeline you need should an incident occur. If a guest was to experience an issue, CCTV video can provide reassurance and comfort, resolving the crisis. Furthermore, CCTV can account for evidence should something more serious happen on the premises.

Keep in mind that your hotel car park welcomes your guests before you do. It can also leave the lasting impression as your guests are about to vacate the premises. Keeping the space well lit, with the presence of a security guard and surveillance cameras, reassure the customer that maximum security measures are in place, even outside the facility. Every hotel is different, so specific company standards will need to be adhered to, but the benefit of having remote surveillance is substantial. In the hospitality industry, you are offering a service, security comes as part of that.

The importance of peace of mind

For most hotels, being able to show that high-level security measures are in place is now a selling point. It can not only give you tremendous competitive advantage, but your guests can have ultimate peace of mind whilst staying with you.

Contact Us

Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we specialise in flawless hotel security, offering services from SIA licensed officers to cutting edge CCTV. If you are interested in finding out more about how our security services can benefit your business this new year, then get in touch! Contact Stok K9 Security Services today on 0800 002 5761 or by emailing us at


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How does physical security impact cyber security

In an ever-changing digital age, the world of cyber security is certainly moving from strength to strength. Although in many companies, having the right precautions in place to avoid unwanted cybercrime is paramount, the physical security of a business does have an impact on cybersecurity, itself. Basic deterrents such as having CCTV security installed or gaining access to the building with a key card can positively impact a business’s cybersecurity and keep digital data safe. 

These two types of high-end security go hand in hand, and in order for utmost efficiency, must be implemented together. Often, companies will spend a lot of money on their encryption software and relevant firewalls, yet neglect the physical security of their business. Unfortunately, it’s frequently overlooked, but the impact of a physical breach can actually be just as damaging as that of cybercrime.

Detrimental effects

A common occurrence during a physical breach of security is when unauthorised personnel walk into a restricted area and freely gain access to private systems and important information. They can then walk out of the area, just as easily as they came in, without being stopped. We’ve heard of cyber criminals gaining access to server rooms, installing remote access devices and even walking out with storage (such as hard drives) that contain sensitive details.

Cyber-attacks come in various forms, but the vast majority have a basic structure and are actually carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. Many companies now have critical data stored electronically, so sustaining and improving data security services is absolutely crucial. Poor cyber security can leave systems open to risk. You’d never leave your front door open all day, and the same logic should be applied to technology. Both physically and through IT, a failure to apply the necessary security protocols means that harm and distress can be caused and in extreme cases, puts lives at risk. Make sure to constantly assess internal threats, within the building, as well as externally, through cybersecurity. Developing a strict security regime will ensure that all assets are protected to the best of your ability. 

Preventative measures

There are many preventative options to look at when it comes to effective physical security. We would always recommend doing some research before investing in your chosen security services. You know your company better than anyone else, so deciding on the right tried and tested security solution is a personal choice.

Security guards

The benefit of physically manning your facility is the assurance of having high-standard security. Having a physical presence in areas of the building ensures both employee and asset safety. Seeing an SIA licensed officer in uniform makes just about everyone tighten up a little. A powerful presence like that in the workplace is an effective deterrent, in itself, even before you find out just how versatile these security guards are.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the UK’s governmental body responsible for regulating the private security industry, nationwide, and specialist training is implemented at the highest standard, ensuring first class service. An SIA license means that guards can legally carry out a variety of protocols, specific to your business. If you’re looking for a versatile and effective security strategy, then SIA licensed security guards are imperative for your facility.

At Stok K9 Security Services, all our deployed personnel conform to the BS7858 security vetting standard. This is an in depth background screening of individuals employed in an environment where the security and safety of people, goods or property is a requirement of the employer and in corporate interest. By operating to the British standard, we can guarantee an elite and bespoke service.

Monitor closely 

It sounds like something that should go without saying, but it’s essential to have the appropriate locks on facility doors. Policies should enforce that when rooms are unoccupied, they should be locked, especially where expensive equipment or machinery is present. Specific key codes or keycard entries should be set up in order to gain access to these rooms.

 Additionally, to maximise physical security, a system should be in place to monitor exactly who goes in and out, and when. Although a logbook can be a good idea, bear in mind that it can be doctored and easily ignored. A better solution would be an authentication system incorporated into the locking devices, so that a smart card or biometric scan is required to unlock the doors and a record is made of the identity of each person who enters. If employees use laptops at their desks, they should take them with them when they leave or secure them to a permanent fixture with a cable lock.

 Not only could items be stolen, but hackers can simply plug a laptop into a hub and use software to capture data travelling across the network. If mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets are in regular use, they should be monitored to ensure they are not abused or used to retrieve unauthorised data from the network servers. Nothing can be left to chance; keep in mind that any unauthorised access could result in enormous damage.

CCTV security 

CCTV is arguably one of the most efficient and future-proof security methods. It’s not only advisable to assess the location of your remote surveillance before installation, but also to make sure you have the most suitable surveillance for your needs. CCTV is an investment to any business, so take the time to research the high-quality products. Ideally, your camera should be clear enough to pick out key details for evidence, should there be the need. At Stok K9 Security Services, we work with the cutting-edge technology from industry leading suppliers to provide an elite and cost-effective monitoring solution.

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 It doesn’t matter how strong your cybersecurity is, if you’re not implementing physical security strategies alongside it, it could put your businesses at risk of common theft, or cybercrime. For ultimate peace of mind, we recommend applying some of these successful security systems alongside each other. If you’d like to find out more about our high end security services, then get in touch! Contact Stok K9 Security Services today on 0800 002 5761 or by emailing us at


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By Jose Luis Nebot On

High Net Worth Individuals, or HNWIs, are classified here in the UK as those with an annual income over £100,000. Alternatively, they’re individuals who can self-certify that they hold net assets to the value of £250,000 or more. Clearly, these individuals make good targets for criminals looking to make a quick buck. Their value makes them valuable! As a result, the security services required are greater than they would be ordinarily.

The team here at Stok K9 Security Services, who provide a comprehensive security provision for both HNWIs and UHNWIs (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals), wanted to explore the kind of security needed for these more vulnerable parties.

Manned guarding and personal security

For all the unquestionable benefits of digital security measures, of which there are many, there’s nothing quite as reassuring as having a physical security in presence, be that at your property or when you’re out and about. HNWIs (and UHNWIs, in particular) often find themselves in the limelight or the public eye, and close personal security is therefore a must for these individuals.

After all, nobody has eyes in the back their head, and when you’re as ‘valuable’ a target as these people are to criminals, to be out and about is also to be exposed. Trust is an immensely important thing to HNWIs and being able to trust your security detail is the most important thing of all. That’s why using SIA-licensed officers screened and vetted in accordance with British Standard 7858 is so imperative.

Regular review

What with the constant improvements being made to technology, new weaknesses and blind spots crop up more regularly than you think. A property which was secure a decade ago might now, for instance, be incredibly exposed and at risk thanks to the more sophisticated tools that criminals have at their disposal.

That’s why, here at Stok K9 Security Services, we advise a regular auditing and review of your HNWI security provision, even if you think it can’t be improved; there are always areas that can be improved, no matter how watertight your security is. This kind of proactivity is essential in keeping HNWIs safe.

The moment security teams and strategies become complacent is the moment when an incident occurs. The margin for error is so slight when it comes to HNWIs because criminals are willing to put in the effort precisely because the rewards can be so great. That means one slip-up, one oversight from a strategy perspective, can be costly.

Make use of technology

Of course, physical security and reviews are crucial, but that doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t have a place in modern HNWI security strategies. Indeed, it plays as large a part as it has ever done. We’ve talked previously about the trends dominating the world of remote surveillance (which you can find here) but the relevant points, particularly for HNWI security, are as follows:

  • Use 4K or UHD (Ultra High-Definition) security cameras. Far from being a preserve of huge, flat-screen TVs, 4K surveillance helps ensure crystal-clear levels of security.
  • Consider drone surveillance, particularly if your valuable assets take the form of large properties, which have many blind spots and points needing covering. Drones provide an easy way to provide a comprehensive picture of a property’s security. They can be used in a similar way, incidentally, to help audit and review security setups.
  • Cloud-based systems. The downside of these high-tech security cameras is that they produce a staggering quantity of data and information. The easiest way of dealing with such large quantities is to utilise cloud-storage systems which are now highly sophisticated.

The ‘New’ HNWI

There’s been a new generation of HNWIs developing, globally, for some time now. There are many younger HNWIs, for instance, than in previous years. With that change in demographic comes changes in habits. Although this is something of a generalisation, younger HNWIs are less likely to hunker down in their property than their more ‘traditional’, older counterparts. They want to be visible and enact social change; they want to travel and do lots of different things – whether personal, work-related or philanthropic. In other words, they want to get out there, and we want to help them feel safe in doing so.

It’s great, of course, that they no longer ‘fear’ – for want of a better word – living because of their economic position (which many HNWIs used to) but it means their security also needs to adapt and scale up correspondingly. These individuals might, for instance, prefer a smaller but more flexible security detail than something larger but more rigid. Around-the-clock availability that works around the constantly changing lifestyles that these individuals follow, is very much now the trend. 

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So, if you’d like to find out more about our various HNWI security services, then get in touch! Contact Stok K9 Security Services today on 0800 002 5761 or by emailing us on 

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By On

It is impossible to remove the risk of theft and break-ins entirely. Still, there are many business security systems you can put in place to reduce the risk massively. Security measures such as CCTV monitoring systems and intruder alarms work as deterrents of crime, as well as enabling you to catch criminals in the act!

Unfortunately, business premises are a big target for intruders and thieves. Business premises often house expensive electrical equipment, cash, and personal data, so criminals view businesses as a good opportunity. 

It is essential to determine the level of risk in your area, then speak to a professional security company to find out the best, tailored security solutions for your business.

Why you need good workplace security

This recent study shows the true extent of crimes committed to businesses in the UK. Researchers estimated that the retail sector reported a whopping 27,400 incidents per 1,000 premises!

Every business premise will hold expensive items such as computers and cash, and sensitive documents/data. Having suitable security measures protects from theft and can also keep insurance costs down. 

Business premises of all kinds need protecting, whether a singular office or a massive business complex. Luckily, professional security companies provide tailored solutions depending on the premises needs.

Take these 10 steps to keep your business safe

1. Check your locks, and make sure they are used

You can opt for a professional security audit, or you can decide to assess your locks yourself. Checking your locks are secure is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to make your business premises secure. 

All external doors need to be fitted with good quality locks, along with all windows. You should also add locks to internal doors, especially doors to offices or storerooms, anywhere with expensive equipment or confidential documents.

Inform your staff on the importance of locking doors and windows at the end of the day. Consider making somebody responsible for this, somebody you can trust!

2. Ensure 24/7 security is available

Business premises are more at risk of theft when they are closed, so you must make sure security measures are in place at all times. CCTV monitoring systems ensure premises are monitored 24/7, and alarm systems inform of intruders when properties are empty. 

Alarm systems can be linked to your smartphone or even straight to emergency services. The faster action is taken, the less damage a criminal can cause on your premises.

3. Install a CCTV monitoring system

Not only are CCTV cameras effective deterrents of crime, but they can spot somebody trying to break into your property. If an intruder does break-in, you can take action. CCTV cameras also capture images of criminals, meaning you could identify the suspect and stop further crimes from occurring! 

Remote CCTV monitoring systems are the best choice for business premises. With remote CCTV systems, cameras can send the footage directly to security personnel who are available 24/7 to monitor your premises.

4. Using lighting strategically

Studies have been conducted regarding the effectiveness of lighting systems to prevent crime. The results found that crime was reduced by an average of 21% in areas with improved street lighting, compared to other areas without lighting! 

Install lighting around all entrances to your property and in corridors inside your property. Prioritise lighting outside rooms that house expensive equipment and stock!

5. Secure any expensive equipment

Tag all of your computers and keep a record of equipment serial numbers. By doing this, you can refer back to your records to check no equipment has been stolen. Large workplaces with a lot of appliances can quickly lose track. You can even consider bolting equipment to the floor; this way, it’s not going anywhere!

6. Keep important documents locked away

Workplaces that hold confidential information need to be careful; you should always lock away these documents in filing cabinets or cupboards. Workplaces also need to make sure they dispose of confidential data correctly.

Never, under any circumstances, leave documents with personal information lying around. A privacy breach could completely ruin your businesses reputation.

7. Install an access control system

Controlling who access your premises by using fobs or cards means you can decide who enters, where and when. You can restrict movement around your premises and keep tabs on who is inside your property. 

Keep a record of who is in your building at all times, and ask guests to sign in and out. Therefore, if anything does go missing, you know who the suspects could be.

8. Place cash in a secure, high-quality safe

Always keep a record of how much money is being held within your workplace. Wherever possible, keep cash locked in a safe. You should choose a safe approved by The Association of Insurance Surveyors Ltd. Whatever you do, never leave cash lying around somewhere visible; this is an invitation for thieves!

9. Keep a close eye on stock

Whatever your business stocks, whether clothing or electrical equipment, keep a record and a close eye on numbers. This way, you can quickly identify any missing items early, stopping repeat offenders. Shockingly, 75% of workers admitted to stealing from their employees at least once! This statistic shows how important it is to have security measures inside, not just outside your property.

10. Stay vigilant and be prepared

Always take references for new employees to ensure you can trust your staff! As your business grows, you also need to monitor and assess your security measures. You could even consider manned guarding on your premises, meaning a trained professional is on-site to watch out for anything suspicious!

Ensure your staff are trained and aware of their security responsibilities, lock windows and doors, and make sure alarms are set. 

Check alarms are regularly working with weekly fire alarm practices and annual fire drills. Look out for your neighbours, and they will look out for you! Think about teaming up with nearby premises to form a business watch.

Find out more about how to keep your business premises safe

Follow the above steps, and you are well on your way to ensuring your business premises are as safe as possible. To find out what else you can put in place, contact us at Stok K9 Security Services. Our highly trained, accredited, professional security team are here to protect your business from criminals.