By Anthony Velly On

Most businesses would benefit from having manned guarding, most commonly known as security guards. Some businesses are more targeted by crimes such as theft, vandalism, and trespassing, so these places should always hire security guards to ensure the safety of staff and the public. Other security measures, such as CCTV cameras, should also be installed, but the presence of a security guard brings skills that electronic safety measures aren’t capable of providing.


What is manned guarding?

Security guards are employed by the government or a private party to protect assets (property, equipment, people, documents, etc.) from various hazards and threats. A common misconception is that security guards don’t have any more legal rights than members of the public; they are just hired to provide safety.


7 Places that should have manned guarding


Many people enter hospitals every day for multiple reasons; it’s impossible to keep track of everybody entering. Hospitals and other medical centres should hire security guards and place them in strategic places, such as entrances, exits, and every hospital floor.


Residential buildings

Monitoring who enters residential buildings, like flats, is crucial. People want to feel safe in their own homes; residential security provides this safety. Security guards on-site ensure access is only granted to the right people.


Large events

Large scale events such as concerts and festivals are often places with a high amount of criminal activity. Security guards ensure nobody suspicious enters. They also look out for anything dangerous, such as drug dealing, and call the police when necessary. Alongside this, they are also on the lookout to help with medical emergencies.



Office spaces are always at risk of unwanted visitors. Some offices contain highly confidential and sensitive information. The presence of a security guard helps to keep private information safe and keep the occupants of the office safe from crime.



Museums often contain rare and expensive items, attracting criminals, thieves in particular. Security guards keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously. Guards are trained to pick up on behaviour that the average person might miss.



Possibly the place where security guards are most vital, banks are at a massive risk of theft and even armed robbers. Banks require the highest trained security guards as they are such high risk.



Shoplifting is a crime that happens every day; a 2019 study found that 359,156 shoplifting incidents were recorded in the UK- almost 1,000 a day. For this reason, security guards in shops are crucial in keeping stock safe and revenue up.


Benefits of manned guarding

Deter criminals

Just the presence of a security guard can help prevent criminal activity. A vandal is much less likely to damage property if a security guard stood watching over them, right? 


Stop criminals

Not only do guards deter criminals, but they can also stop them in the act. They are legally allowed to arrest somebody if they have reason to believe they are committing a crime. (The same rights as the public, but guards are more likely to step in and make an arrest)


Provide a sense of security

It is essential to ensure your staff and the public feel safe; having security guards provides a feeling of security. Of course, this is not a false sense of security; they provide more safety alongside peace of mind.


Monitor behaviour

Security guards are highly observant. They keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and will report anything that doesn’t sit right. Trained guards are likely to pick up on things the average person might miss.


Provide customer service

Security guards are there to welcome guests and provide helpful information when needed, for example, directions to a particular area of the building. 


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