CCTV is an exceptional tool in protecting and monitoring. Our highly trained CCTV Operators provide professional and effective CCTV Services. We work with cutting-edge technology from industry-leading suppliers to provide you with an effective remote CCTV monitoring service that is also cost-efficient..

A Highly Effective Remote CCTV Camera Service

Your CCTV system is connected via the internet to a secure monitoring station, sending images from your CCTV cameras direct to our highly trained security personnel. Our team can monitor the footage 24 hours a day or during selected time periods, often outside of regular business hours or when the property will be empty. Our intelligent security systems inform security personnel instantly in the event of an alarm being activated. Cameras are then re-aligned, zoomed, or an alternative viewpoint is selected to provide the best view possible for our team. We draw digital barriers in and around your chosen areas using our state-of-the-art software, triggering immediate alerts and audio warnings to our control room.

24/7 CCTV Monitoring for Your Peace of Mind

Each business is supplied with a 24-hour monitoring station for personnel to use at your perusal. Our professional security personnel then manually monitor the CCTV footage, looking at recent footage and live footage to properly assess the situation for any suspicious activity or threats. If our Remote Monitoring centre identifies a risk, we react to manage the situation by either:
  • Communicating with the intruders via an inbuilt tannoy system
  • Informing you directly
  • Contacting emergency services
  • Dispatching our 24-hour response team

  • Typically, intruders are deterred by the tannoy system and the knowledge that they have been detected. However, if they aren’t, our team is able to ensure the emergency services can act accordingly to resolve the incident as soon as possible.

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      Why Choose Stok K9 Security Services?

    • Understanding your requirements: we spend time truly understanding each customer’s individual needs to ensure we provide a service that most effectively protects their interests.
    • Carefully analysing risk: we take time to develop and understand the risk assessments that underpin the security service specification (where customers wish us to), ensuring we can counter threats most effectively.
    • Working to the highest standards: we operate to stringent standards. Our dogs and their handlers are trained to the highest standards.
    • A proactive solution: we provide leadership, communication, and supervision above what is typical of the security industry.
    • A customer-focused approach: we hold regular review meetings with customers to ensure service provision remains fit for purpose, adapting the service to suit changing circumstances (e.g., changing assets, changing threats. and changing budget constraints).
    • A Reliable CCTV Monitoring System

      Our Remotely Monitored CCTV services act as an active deterrent, allowing immediate action to be taken, preventing or reducing damage or loss of property. 
      CCTV footage that isn’t remotely monitored can provide you with evidence after the damage has been done, but a monitored system can help prevent it entirely.

      Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how our remote CCTV cameras can help protect your property. today.