Whether you're looking for a security management company to take care of your place of work's parking facilities, or you manage a multi-storey car park - we can help. From on-site security guards to installing a CCTV system, there is a range of solutions that can assist in your park's safety. Car park management is not something that should be taken lightly, regardless of size. Cars are one of the most important assets that people can own, and therefore they must be kept safe and secure in your facility. Your customers place the responsibility of their cars onto you to look after when they park with you. Your facility may face many security issues, from the vandalism of vehicles to unauthorised parking. All of which can cost your business time and money. At Stok K9 Security, we will work with you to provide security solutions that allow you to focus on more important areas of your business.  

Car Park CCTV - A Must Have

Many deterrents can deter criminals from stealing or breaking into cars, from access control barriers and alarm systems to number plate recognition. Technology has come a long way to provide secure places to leave vehicles in busy town centres, places of work and even private car parks. When you leave your car in a parking space, you want to have that peace of mind that your vehicle is kept, and this should be the same for your staff and visitors. This is where CCTV comes in. By placing security cameras in clear, evident places and monitoring your footage, you can provide the ultimate secure car experience for your customers. By taking advantage of CCTV Monitoring, we can monitor what happens in your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether there is a customer complaint you need to investigate, or in the worst-case scenario, a theft, our remote monitoring tool can come in handy. Using this technology, we can;
  • Communicate with you if there are any intruders and/or suspicious characters
  • Contact the emergency services if necessary
  • Dispatch a 24-hour response team to deal with immediate situations

Maintain A Secure Facility ASAP

Whether you own an underground car park or an open-air facility, we cover a broad range of parking areas regarding security. If CCTV systems haven't cut it for you in the past, perhaps trying an on-site security guard service would be better suited to you. Having a physical presence in your parking environment may be what is needed to avoid any criminal or dangerous activity. Are you unsure of what you may require? We will work with you, listening to your situations, to figure out what is needed and what risks may affect your company. By doing this, we can tailor our service to suit you, your business and the budget that you have. Do you need to have some questions answered about our security services? Contact us today on 0800 002 5671, and we can help you any way we can. Ask about our quotation service and we'll provide you with an estimate for your needs.

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