Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we pride ourselves on aiming to raise industry standards. We have a solid canine security team in place to ensure we can fulfil even the most demanding enquiry.
Stok K9 Security Services canine teams operate in line with the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and The Dangerous Dog Act 1991, which allows us to use dogs to guard a customer’s property, provided dogs are under control and that appropriate warning signs are erected and visible at site entrances.

Stok K9 Security Services undertakes site surveys to identify where appropriate signage is required and arranges for the provision of that signage, to ensure its security operations complies with the requirements of all relevant Acts.

All security dogs and handlers, deployed by Stok K9 Security Services, are highly trained and routinely assessed. Training conforms to British Standards 8517-1, the UK’s highest standard for dog and handler training. The training provided to dogs and their handlers is also recognised by and meets to standards of the follows professional standards institutions:

  • National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU)
  • National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users (NTIPDU)
  • British Institute for Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT)

Only dogs and handlers meeting the above training standards will be deployed by Stok K9 Security Services, ensuring customers are provided with the highest possible service standards, with the lowest risk of service ‘error’ (e.g. dog becoming uncontrollable and potentially dangerous).

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