Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we pride ourselves on aiming to raise industry standards. We have a professional canine security team that ensures we can fulfil even the most demanding enquiry. With our experienced security dog teams, we are one of the fastest security service providers in the UK.

K9 Security Services You Can Rely On

Stok K9 Security Services canine teams operate according to the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and The Dangerous Dog Act 1991. This allows us to use dogs to guard a customer’s property, provided dogs are under control and appropriate warning signs are erected and visible at the site entrances. We undertake site surveys to understand the area and identify appropriate places for signage. We provide all signage to guarantee its security operations comply with the requirements of all relevant acts.  All security dogs and handlers deployed by Stok K9 Security Services are professionally trained and routinely assessed. We take your security very seriously and take pride in the level of training we provide.  The training provided to dogs and their handlers are industry-leading and conform to the UK’s highest standard of dog and handler training, 8517 - 1. The training programme also meets the criteria and is recognised by the following professional standards institutions:

  • National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU)
  • National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users (NTIPDU)
  • British Institute for Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT)

  • We can ensure our customers that we always provide the highest possible service standards as only dogs and handlers meeting the above training standards are deployed by Stok K9 Security Services. At Stok K9 Security Services, we recognise the hazards of working with security dogs which is why we provide such intense training and uphold high standards. Canine protection can provide a visual deterrent for your location. It can tackle such problems by proactively protecting sites from damage, vandalism or burglary.  We work across several sectors throughout the UK to provide the highest level of security. Our years of experience have taught us to understand the best dog breeds suitable for such intense training and responsibility. We have a fleet of fully trained dogs from giant schnauzers, Dobermans and pincers.

    The Benefits of Security Dogs Over a Static Guard

  • Due to a dog’s heightened senses, they can detect hidden intruders from 300m.
  • The dog and handler offer a considerable deterrent in comparison to a single static guard.
  • It is known across the industry that one dog team can provide the same or more security level of 3 static guards, making them highly cost-effective.
  • A dog lowers the risk to human life. Although an intruder rarely engages the dog, it can protect itself and its handler.
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      Why Choose Stok K9 Security Services? 

      • Understanding your requirements: we spend time understanding each customer’s individual needs to ensure we provide a service that most effectively protects their interests. 
      • Carefully analysing risk: we take time to develop and understand the risk assessments that underpin the security specification (where customers wish us to). This ensures we can counter threats effectively. 
      • Working to the highest standards: we operate to stringent standards. Our dogs and their handlers are trained to the highest standards. 
      • A proactive solution: we provide leadership, communication, and supervision above the security industry’s typical. 
      • A customer-focused approach: we hold regular review meetings with customers to ensure service provision remains fit for purpose, adapting the service to suit changing circumstances (e.g., changing assets, changing threats, and evolving budget constraints). 


      A High-Quality K9 Security Solution 

      We pride ourselves on providing a solution that is of the highest quality. That’s why we guarantee an exceptional service every time so you can be confident you’re in safe hands. Whether you’ve decided on K9 security solutions or want to know more about how it can benefit you, let us put your mind at ease by outsourcing to Stok K9 Security. 

      If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you and the available options, feel free to give us a call on 0800 002 5671 today. We can work with you to learn about your security requirements and answer any questions you may have. 

      If you have any questions about our K9 security systems, please get in touch – we’d be more than happy to help.