By Anthony Velly On

CCTV monitoring is used worldwide in homes and commercial properties. Although it is a popular form of security surveillance, we can’t ignore the fact that it does divide opinions. Studies show that the use of CCTV cameras reduces crime by 51%. Some people argue that these cameras don’t actually work as they can’t step in to stop a crime, but the many positives of using CCTV cameras means that in a lot of circumstances, it is highly effective, if not essential. 


Advantages of CCTV monitoring

Acts as a deterrent 

Possibly the most significant advantage of implementing CCTV is that it can stop criminals in their tracks. The fact of the matter is that criminals do not want to be caught, especially by a camera that would hold undeniable footage as evidence against them. So, ensure your cameras are clearly visible and that you have signs on display to inform passers-by that CCTV cameras are in use. 


Maintains records

CCTV cameras keep footage in a database that you can access at a later date. This can come in handy for multiple reasons, one being compensation claims. If a customer fell in your store and claimed against your business, having no cameras installed means that it’s their word against yours, and you could end up out of pocket. Having cameras installed means you could watch the footage and determine whether the claim is legitimate. If it is, then you know to take precautionary measures so it does not happen again.


Available 24/7

A massive advantage of CCTV cameras is the fact that they are always watching. No toilet breaks, no distractions. If a crime takes place on your premises, the camera will see it. In addition, many cameras now offer remote monitoring; you no longer need to monitor the footage in real-time. You can even set up instant alerts to your smartphone, ensuring nothing will slip by unnoticed.


Makes people feel safe

Properties and the people inside are less likely to fall victim to crimes when cameras are in place. Therefore it is no shock that the presence of CCTV cameras makes us feel protected. In a commercial property, it shows your employees and customers that you care about their safety. Cameras are also important in domestic properties. We all want to keep our families and property safe, so you can relax in the courage that your cameras will deter any potential intruders.


Monitors staff performance

There are two main factors in monitoring staff with CCTV: ensuring they are getting stuff done and protecting staff from potential problems. For example, maybe you think a staff member is lying about their working hours. Cameras mean you can keep track of when they enter and leave work. 

Although we can see the above example as a positive, this leads us to a potential problem. So, carry on reading to find out about the disadvantages of CCTV cameras.


Disadvantages of CCTV monitoring

Violation of privacy

Many people disagree with the use of CCTV cameras in certain areas due to feeling like it violates their privacy. For example, in the workplace, staff could feel like they are being spied on. It is legal to use CCTV in commercial areas and workspaces, but you must declare that the cameras are in use.

When using in domestic properties, you must make sure you install your camera correctly so that it does not violate your neighbour’s privacy. 


Can be expensive

Installation can be pricey. Also, you need to make sure you invest in a good quality camera as bad quality images don’t provide good evidence when used concerning a crime. Cheap cameras can also be relatively easy to hack, which is a huge disadvantage as you want to look back at footage when needed. 


Can’t stop a crime

An argument against CCTV cameras being effective is that they can’t step in to stop a crime. For example, if a fight broke out, a security guard could intervene and break it up before anything escalates. When there’s no guard present and only cameras, people may act without taking the camera into account in the heat of the moment. Nobody is there to step in, and somebody could be injured.


The burning question: are CCTV cameras worth it? Yes, the positives outweigh the negatives. They might not be able to break up a fight, but they can and do often stop a fight from starting in the first place.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you agree that CCTV cameras are a positive addition to commercial and domestic properties. If you are considering CCTV monitoring, contact Stok K9 Security Services today. Call us on 0800 002 5761 or send us an e-mail. Fast reply time guaranteed. Your safety is our priority.