Let us help you put the right security measures in place within your company. As professional security consultants, we can work with you and your company to identify risks that may harm your business. From this, we can help provide the right solutions and security systems to help you protect your business.


How Business CCTV Systems Can Help

Whether you’re a small business or an international company, running a business has its various challenges. From managing staff to keeping on top of finances, it can be difficult to balance and succeed in all areas

Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we’re here to give you peace of mind. When it comes to security risks, we work to ensure the right solutions keep your business staff & premises safe and secure. We believe that the cutting-edge technology we use in our CCTV systems can help you do just that.

By installing video surveillance in and around your business, you can help to;

  • Deter theft and vandalism
  • Provide camera footage for evidence in business issues
  • Monitor staff and premises safety
  • Reduce insurance premiums should there be any claims
  • And much more

By also providing you with a CCTV Monitoring service, we can provide you with a 24-hour view of your company and identify any security risks that may arise. From communicating with any intruders over a tannoy system to contacting the relevant authorities, we can help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.


Taking Charge of Your Security Management

From time to time, the usual features of businesses’ having CCTV or intruder alarms are not enough to deter criminals. This is where a Manned Guarding service could be a huge benefit. Having a security guard present, uniformed and ready to protect your property, assets and staff can be a huge deterrent for various crimes.

It doesn’t matter whether your company is a retail store and concerned about thieves in the area or you’re construction or warehouse based, and building security is your concern. Regardless of industry, we can assist no matter your needs.

From time to time, it may also be helpful to enlist the help of K9 Security, or as they are more commonly known, security dog teams. Particularly for important events or high-security assets, dog handlers can enhance your security where appropriate. A security dog’s heightened senses allow it to sense intruders and danger and are considered a considerable deterrent. They may be just what you need to take your security systems to the next level.


Choosing Your Business Security Solution

Business security is built around trust. Our team will take the time and care to understand your security requirements. We work to analyse risks to your business to make sure your solution is the perfect fit.

To ensure our services continuously remain fit for purpose, we will hold regular meetings with our clients. This allows us to ensure that the service can be adapted where needed if threats, budget or other factors change.

If you’re ready to discuss your needs further or have any questions, please get in touch with us on 0800 002 5761. We can provide you with a free quote where necessary. We look forward to working with you in ensuring your company is secure.