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The safety and security of your property are always worth the investment, and gadgets can help make the job easier. A ‘smart home’ or office is a new, modern concept whereby property owners can use their mobiles to control ovens, CCTV, thermostats, and other areas. While the convenience of wirelessly controlled gadgets is one of their most impressive features, they can also keep any property secure when it’s unoccupied. Specific devices have been developed purely to give you peace of mind out of hours or when you’re on holiday.

Without further ado, here are some security gadgets that are worth the investment. 

CCTV security systems

CCTV cameras are a well-known security gadget, and for a good reason! Whether you’re looking to protect your home, or you want to be able to monitor the workplace you’re responsible for, a CCTV system is almost always a sensible investment. You never know if and when criminals will target your building. Cameras outside your property make it less attractive for a robbery. 

CCTV monitoring also lets you record footage that can help you claim compensation for vandalism or theft if the worst comes to worst. You’ll be able to submit recordings to help catch criminals, and your property insurance will be less expensive all the while.

Smart plugs

Have you ever wished you could turn appliances on and off through your phone? Smart plugs let you do just that. While smart plugs aren’t a security gadget in themselves, you can use them for preventive measures in the home and on your business premises. With the remote control of a smart plug, you’re able to switch lamps on and off without being on your property. Lights give the impression your building is occupied and not an easy target.

Lamps aren’t the only thing that intelligent plugs can control! You can switch air conditioning, speakers and fans on to make noise. You could even turn your computers and your coffee machine on so anybody looking through your windows believes staff or occupants are present. The versatility of remotely activated plugs alone means they’re a worthwhile investment.

Electronic locks

In a world where it is so easy to misplace keys, electronic locks are a lifesaver! Whether you choose facial recognition, a pin, or a fingerprint activated lock, they’re much more challenging to bypass than with a traditional key. Electronic locks can keep vital documents secure in filing cabinets, or you can use them on internal and external doors. Bluetooth buttons are also an option. You can activate or deactivate your lock from a short distance and grant temporary guest access.

Traditional locks can lock you as the owner out of your files or your property if you misplace a physical key. Clever business security systems look to erase that problem! You’re much less likely to forget your phone than your key, so electronic locks are as convenient as they are secure. 

Secure hard drives

Protecting your information online can be just as vital as safeguarding your premises physically. Hacking is an even more likely occurrence than a burglary, so you need to be confident that personal information is stored safely. Keeping customer payment details on ultra-secure hard drives rather than physical paper copies makes your business premises a less appealing target. Fraudsters can’t simply raid filing cabinets to impersonate your customers, so they’re unlikely to break in. Your staff are safer at work with hard drive storage.

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