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Set yourself apart from the competition

As summer gets closer, people are starting to book vacations and weekends away and one thing’s for sure, hotels must be prepared for the influx of people on-site, not just from a health and safety angle, but from a security perspective, as well.

If you truly want to set yourself apart from the competition and gain returning customers, it’s important that your clientele receive service that goes above and beyond. Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we are experts in high-end security. Implementing the right security strategies now will demonstrate your level of customer care, giving your hotel that ‘wow factor’.

Great expectations

No matter the circumstances, guests come to stay with the expectation and understanding that their belongings will be both safe and secure throughout their duration at a hotel. Similarly, it’s paramount that staff also feel safe during working hours and that facility assets are protected. Having the correct hotel security systems in place will ensure ultimate assurance.

Reviews and recommendations

Fundamentally, good customer service is what brings returning custom. It’s essential that you are delivering the level of service expected, as an ambassador of the hospitality industry. Security services can definitely benefit your customers’ experience and in turn, will benefit your business. Customers will not want to enter your facility if there is any sort of security threat, no matter how wonderful the dining options or the spa facilities are.

You can access TripAdvisor at the touch of a button, one bad review can cost your reputation and consequently, further business. You can spend years building a reputation, only for it to be ruined in five minutes – think about that before you say no to security. Never underestimate the power of reviews and recommendations.

Don’t risk it

Hotels are vulnerable to security breaches because of their ‘open door’ environment. We’re not trying to scaremonger, but without physical security at the front door, you’re leaving your business susceptible to incidents like theft, potential armed robbery and assault. The priority of security guards are to protect the people and the property. They will be the first ones to respond to an incident before the arrival of the authorities. Not only are security personnel a brilliant deterrent, but their timely response will prevent unexpected crimes from escalating.

Security guards are invaluable

Guests often come to a hotel for leisure purposes; to experience a change of scenery, to relax and unwind. Security guards enable guests to enjoy themselves and feel at home because their safety is always priority and any worry of unfamiliarity is taken away.

Additionally, security can also be available at the request of guests when it comes to escorting them to their vehicles, especially when valet parking is not available or it is late at night.
Likewise, if a guest or trespasser was to become inebriated or combative, a security guard could evict the person in question, escort them to a taxi or call for the police. Having specialist security guards to intervene in these incidences saves the time and welfare of hotel staff, who may not be trained to deal with these scenarios.

Access control systems

Hotel security systems can allow authorised access control to the vicinity. We’ve all experienced this as guests – being given key cards to gain secure, individual access to our rooms. Hotels looking to further improve their security services should upgrade their locks and entry points to avoid security breaches. Having keycards or biometric systems that only let those permitted onto the premises, decreases the risk of unauthorised access.
Security is about constantly improving and developing. Conduct regular background checks on staff, hire genuine and trustworthy individuals and hold regular, up to date security training with employees. This will keep them up to date with the latest developments. Enforcing this procedure will ensure that everyone is on the same page, and as a result, positively impact your security structure.

Remote surveillance

Installing high-quality CCTV security is absolutely essential for any hotel. Make sure that your systems are well positioned to cover key business areas, including entrances and exits. It could be the lifeline you need should an incident occur. If a guest was to experience an issue, CCTV video can provide reassurance and comfort, resolving the crisis. Furthermore, CCTV can account for evidence should something more serious happen on the premises.

Keep in mind that your hotel car park welcomes your guests before you do. It can also leave the lasting impression as your guests are about to vacate the premises. Keeping the space well lit, with the presence of a security guard and surveillance cameras, reassure the customer that maximum security measures are in place, even outside the facility. Every hotel is different, so specific company standards will need to be adhered to, but the benefit of having remote surveillance is substantial. In the hospitality industry, you are offering a service, security comes as part of that.

The importance of peace of mind

For most hotels, being able to show that high-level security measures are in place is now a selling point. It can not only give you tremendous competitive advantage, but your guests can have ultimate peace of mind whilst staying with you.

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