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For some, although probably a minority, the winter months are more attractive than their summer counterpart. The crisp mornings, the cosy evenings and the thick cable-knit jumpers all add to that distinctly British practice we know as ‘hunkering down’. On the flip side of this, however, is a less palatable fact; the winter months are particularly attractive for criminals – burglars and thieves, in particular.

Winter’s allure may lie in its crisp mornings, cozy evenings, and the comfort of cable-knit sweaters, but beneath this seasonal charm, a sobering reality emerges. The colder months hold a peculiar allure for criminals, particularly burglars and thieves seeking opportunities amidst the longer nights and earlier sunsets. It’s during this time that the importance of safeguarding your home becomes even more pronounced.

That’s why the team here at Stok K9 Security Services, which offers a wide range of deterrent services, wanted to look through how to protect the home, this winter.

Shorter days

Only the more brazen burglars and thieves have a crack at a home during daylight hours, especially if the property is occupied. Whilst we might not live in the 24-hour darkness that some of our Scandinavian friends are lumped with, the days at this time of year are still a lot shorter, and a lot darker. That means consistently longer timeframes over which criminals can make attempts on your home.

With full darkness taking hold by as early as three-thirty or four PM, that’s a much larger window through which you have to be vigilant. Unfortunately, many people aren’t vigilant and that goes part of the way to showing why theft insurance claims tend to peak during the winter months.

Don’t forget the garage…

It’s amazing just how often homeowners will diligently go around their house, every night, locking doors and windows, but then completely forget about the linking door between the garage and the house. It’s such a common and easy access point for burglars for this very reason. The same goes for the doors and the windows into the garage, itself. For some reason, people just seem to forget about it!

Residential Security

The easiest home security tips for winter

So, those are some of the issues, but what are the easiest ways to prevent them? The following are all ways in which you can sleep a little easier, this season:

  • Lock your windows. Given what we were talking about, this is unquestionably this season’s top security reminder. Whatever the size of your home, whether big or small, just going back and doing that extra check can make all the difference.
  • Keep your home lit. If you are going to leave the home, over the season, then it’s worth racking up a few extra pennies on the month’s electricity bill for the sake of a safer home. 
  • Don’t make classic mistakes. What do we mean by this? Well, where do you keep the spare key (if you, in fact, even do) – under the outside door mat, perhaps? Well, we’d advise not doing that, because you’re probably not being as ingenious with your hiding spot as you think you are. Burglars have seen it all before, and if you’ve hidden it somewhere that you’ll remember, then the chances are that burglars will be able to suss out that spot, as well.
  • Just be careful! It might sound obvious, but perhaps the most helpful home security advice we can give is not to let your guard down too much, this winter, tempting though it might be given the year we’ve had. So, be careful and perhaps consider a couple of extra measures (timer lights and CCTV) to keep yourself and your family safe.

Contact us for more home security tips

Whether you’d like practical security solutions, or advice from experts, we’re here to help. Stay safe this winter with the team here at Stok K9 Security Services, who offer everything from CCTV to manned guarding. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, then get in touch! Contact us today on Stok K9 Security Services by calling 0800 002 5761 or by emailing us at


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