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There’s no denying the benefits of utilising security guards in the protection of an asset. You need only take a look at the impact that any kind of uniformed guard has on us, psychologically, to see that it’s worth it. Whether you like to admit it or not, we all experience a slight tightening up – and it might barely be perceptible – when we walk past a guard in uniform, even when we’ve done nothing wrong!

But there’s a vast difference in the quality of guard provision out there, however – a difference that most people aren’t aware of in the slightest. To most people, a guard is a guard, and that’s that. That’s why here at Stok K9 Security Services, who provide security guards in London, wanted to look at not just the importance, but the necessity, of SIA-approval in the world of protection.

What Is The SIA?

First and foremost, let’s look at what the SIA exactly is. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the UK’s governmental body in charge of regulating the private security industry, nationwide. Their overall vision is to raise standards within the private security measure. This commitment has translated into thorough examinations and training courses for any guard wishing to gain their license, resulting in more proficient and highly-qualified security guards as a result. Everyone benefits, then, from utilising SIA-licensed guards – apart from would-be criminals, of course, but we think we can live with that…

It’s The Law!

If you want to be completely above board with your project’s security, then you’re going to have to use SIA-licensed guards because simply put, you have to. Under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, it’s illegal to undertake security guard work (such as patrolling and theft prevention) without an SIA license (barring certain exemptions). Now, of course, you could opt for a less reputable security service, a firm who, in return for their lack of standards offer a cheaper service, but do you really want to commit a crime in the very process of trying to prevent one? And all to save a few pennies? In the security industry, if there’s one thing you want to avoid it’s cutting corners. We know who we’d use if we were you… 


One of the main benefits in using SIA licensed security guards in London is that it enables you a much more comprehensive security provision. What do we mean by this? Well, take a construction site, for instance. The construction industry is one that requires a complex and varied security framework. Having an SIA-license means that guards can legally carry out a variety of on-site procedures, including manned guarding, mobile guarding, gate supervision, cash and valuables in transit, vehicle immobilisation and CCTV supervision. In other words, if you want a team of security guards that offers a truly wide-ranging and secure service, and who more importantly are legally compliant, then it’s imperative that you use guards with SIA licenses as an absolute minimum.

Our Own Security Guards In London

Our guards are not only SIA licensed, but screened in accordance with BS785 vetting standards, as well. This means our guards have an extensive understanding of industry regulation, best practice and, arguably more importantly than anything else, completely and utterly trustworthy. If you’re going to be placing high-value assets (whatever form that might take) in the hands of an external company, you want to make sure you can trust them. These licenses and standards are a watertight guarantee of exactly that.

Which Sectors Most Need Manned Security?


Whilst security is unquestionably important throughout every sector, there are certain sectors for whom it’s more important than others. The construction sector is one such area. In fact, in a report by leading insurer Allianz Insurance plc found that plant theft claims rose steadily in the last 10 years (from 428 instances to 730 instances). It’s unsurprising when you consider the basket-value of plant machinery, and one of the most widely accepted means of reducing these theft instances is by having some form of security presence, preferably in the form of manned guarding. In recent times, it’s not just thefts that have increased on construction sites, with a proliferation in the number of crane climbers and trespassers, as well.



Where there are nice things, there’ll be nasty activities. It might be a simplistic way of looking at it, but for the most part it rings true, and the retail sector is a good example of it. Looking at statistics from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) from 2018, they found that a total of 41,000 violent incidents were reported in retail settings. The same consortium found that retailers’ perception and attitude towards the police’s response to retail crime was (generally) poor. There’s no question that the use of private manned guarding could drastically reduce these figures. Arguably, the cost of utilising a firm such as ours would be minimal in relation to the loss over the course of a year from shoplifted stock, for instance.

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By taking a gamble and using non-SIA licensed guards for your security measures, you arguably place yourself at just as much risk as you would from not using any guards, whatsoever. So, if you’d like to find out more about our security guards in London, then get in touch! Contact Stok K9 Security Services today on 0800 002 5761 or by emailing us at


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