By Anthony Velly On

Hotels have many people coming and going from the building every day; this makes it difficult to track who is in the building and difficult to patrol and monitor behaviour. This is why hotel security is essential. Strong security measures keep staff, visitors, and the hotel’s reputation protected.

Thanks to technological advances, hotel security is becoming more effective and easier to put into place. Even though electronic security is highly effective, the presence of security guards is still a massive factor in deterring problems from occurring. So, let’s get on with it. Here’s your guide to hotel security.


Security risks hotels face

Unauthorised visitors

Due to countless guests, it’s hard for staff in a hotel to know every guest and keep track of who should be in the building. Guests are also legally allowed to bring visitors into a building, making it even harder for staff to monitor everybody coming in and out. This, unfortunately, means that if no security measures are in place, a potentially dangerous person can easily slip into a hotel unnoticed.



Theft is a risk many commercial properties face, hotels included. It has been known for guests to break into other rooms and steal belongings. Not only this, but guests often steal from hotel rooms. Whilst you can probably spare the cost of some shampoo or a towel if more significant items are stolen, this could set the hotel back a big chunk of money.


Damage to parked cars

Guests often leave their cars parked in hotel car parks for an extended period. Cars unattended for days on end can attract criminals, resulting in theft and vandalism. Suppose no CCTV cameras or other safety measures are in place. In that case, guests may not feel comfortable leaving their vehicles at a hotel, therefore stopping someone from choosing that hotel over others.


Security measures to put into place

Security guards

Just the presence of a security guard acts as a deterrent to dangerous and criminal behaviour. Guards in a hotel can effectively stop unwanted guests from entering the building. Alongside working as a deterrent, security guards can step in and act accordingly if any criminal or suspicious behaviour occurs. 


Access control systems

Installing access control systems enable you to decide and track who enters certain parts of a building. Guests obviously expect only themselves and housekeeping to have access to their allocated room. Also, spaces like bars, gyms, and function rooms are usually only available for specific visitors; access control systems allow this type of management. 


CCTV camera systems

Security cameras can be placed in various locations to ensure hotel safety. Placing a CCTV camera in reception can deter criminal behaviour, keeping reception staff safe. CCTV cameras are a great option to install in your hotel car park. They can stop criminals from committing vandalism, and also if an incident does occur, they could help identify the suspect.


Other ways you can increase hotel security


You might have many physical security solutions in place, but have you thought about cybersecurity? You should ensure your Wi-Fi runs on a secure network and is protected with a strong username and password. Up to 88% of UK companies have suffered breaches in the last 12 months, a study by Carbon Black found.

You also should make sure all computer systems in your hotel use passwords and are protected against viruses.


Inform and educate your staff

Consider setting time aside in your usual staff meetings to talk about security and safety in the hotel. Training videos are a great option; videos about what suspicious behaviour to look out for and how to deal with an emergency.


Improve lighting

Ensure that isolated areas are well lit. Studies have shown that good lighting reduces crime by up to 36% in cities; the same likely applies to hotels. Concentrate on secluded areas such as corridors and car parks, and ensure adequate lighting outside rooms to avoid theft.


Excellent customer service

The saying ‘kill them with kindness’ comes to mind here; excellent customer service can prevent unwanted guests from entering your building. Encourage your staff to talk to guests, ask if they need any help. This way, staff can determine whether someone should be in the building. 


If you have any questions about installing hotel security or would just like some further information, contact us at Stok K9 Security Services. We are more than happy to help.