We’ve worked with prestigious developments, country estates and luxury hotel brands to protect staff and create a secure setting for guests. We provide bespoke hotel security solutions tailored to unique challenges presented to each location, typically including: High specification CCTV system, Industry leading hotel locking technology, Multiple intruder alarms & panic buttons and VIP security strategy ensuring privacy and discretion.

Fully Managed Hotel Security Service

Stok K9 Security Services’ 24/7 Security Control Room conducts out-of-hours virtual site tours and ensures the necessary action is completed for any given scenario. This preventative maintenance identifies system issues before they become critical, meaning the complete system functions more effectively. A modern, easy-to-use system with fully trained operatives increases workforce efficiency across the security team. Guests are discretely protected, while the workforce feels safe and secure. Public safety and legal obligations are fulfilled while management has complete peace of mind and is free to focus on the satisfaction of their guests.

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