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The one place where we feel we should always feel truly safe is our homes. They’re our safe havens, the bolthole from which we can shut out the rest of the world should we so desire. The benefits of a safe and secure home aren’t just physical, however – by which we mean the physical security of our most valuable assets (our TVs, smartphones and cars, for example) – it also extends to our overall wellbeing. If your home is demonstrably safe, then you and your family can relax more, stress less and ‘recharge’ properly. The team here at Stok K9 Security Services, who provide an extensive home security service, wanted to look at what you can do to keep your property safe, moving forward.


When it comes to home security, probably the best thing you can do is install a CCTV surveillance system. They’re certainly worth the investment, if you’re able, especially when you consider that the average cost (in terms of stolen goods and damages) of a domestic robbery sits at a hefty £1,400 (according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales). You can either opt for single static cameras, several cameras working in tandem with one another, re-adjusting and highly manoeuvrable cameras, the number of options is huge!

Partial to a pooch?

Have you always wanted a furry friend? Well, this might just be the excuse you need to win around your other half. Now, we may of course be a tad biased given that our speciality is canine security, but barking dogs act as one of the most significant burglar deterrents. Numerous interviews and reports with former burglars have found that homes with dogs were much less likely to be targeted than those without. They revealed that, in most instances, it added one layer of difficulty (and risk) too many to make it worth their time.

Video doorbell camera

One of the best things to come about in the world of home security, in recent years, has been the introduction of the video doorbell camera. It’s a misconception that most burglaries happen at night, with properties being far more at risk of break-in during the daytime. A traditional ploy would’ve been for burglars to ring the doorbell, and upon hearing no response or movement, proceed with the break-in. Now, however, video doorbell cameras enable people to see who’s at their property, wherever they might be, from the ease of their smartphone – and even speak to who’s at their door!

Alarm system

Interestingly, the introduction of an alarm system might not have as big as a deterrent effect as you might have initially expected. Some believe, in fact, that counter-intuitively, the presence of a burglar alarm can actually increase the chances of a property being burgled. We err on the side of caution with that theory, however, and would wager that the presence of an alarm system is still preferable to a lack of one.

The reason behind this supposed lack of effectiveness might stem from few areas. Firstly, seasoned burglars are often able to disable them, and therefore don’t seem them as a threat. Secondly, they don’t present the immediate danger that a dog does. Finally, there’s very little an alarm system can do in the event that a burglar be successful. By this, we mean that, whereas if a burglar is caught on CCTV cameras there’s a chance they may still get caught down the line, there’s not much an alarm system can do in the longer-term if a burglar manages to get away from the property.

If you’re on a budget

Of course, alarm systems can be quite costly (especially in the more advanced varieties) and not everyone will be able to afford one. Having questioned their effectiveness, you might not be willing to shell out the kind of money required if you’re able! An alternative, therefore, one which we’d still argue is better than nothing, is to implement a dummy alarm system. If at all possible, however, do try and invest in a working version as the more experienced burglars will be able to distinguish between real and fake offerings.

Other easy additions

There’s lots else you can do that’s easy and cost-effective, in order to bump up your property’s security levels. An upgrade of door locks, for instance, or the addition of a chain on the door. Have you considered motion-activated security lights outside your property? A gate leading to your home? Feeling safe in your own home needn’t cost an arm and a leg, nor should it.

A well-rounded approach is the most effective 

Ultimately (and this has been shown in various reports) the most effective means of protecting your property is to implement a variety of security measures working in conjunction with one another. In fact, utilising a combination of security devices (including burglar alarms, security chains, external lights, etc.) has been found to afford roughly 50 times more protection than those properties with no home security.

Stok K9 security services

What, then, do we offer here at our firm? Our security provision extends beyond solely home security, across many areas, including leisure, construction and energy. In terms of the services, themselves, we offer:

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