By Anthony Velly On

Security measures are a hugely important part of any event. All events are faced with safety challenges, no matter how big, or small, and a plan should always be in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. Security guards and technology such as CCTV will always be required, but more and more people are turning to security dogs for many reasons. Adding trained dogs to your security team can act as a deterrent. They are also a more efficient choice over other options.

Security dogs are a fail-safe option. Technology can fail, and human error is always a risk; dogs are loyal, and their strong senses mean they can spot threats that humans aren’t capable of. Alongside this, dogs provide exceptional companionship, just being around animals can improve our health and mood. Happy colleagues create a fantastic workforce!

So, what exactly do security dogs have to offer? 



One of the most impressive traits of security dogs is their strong senses. Their sense of smell is far superior to ours, meaning they can spot things that a security guard could potentially miss. Because of this, they are a popular choice of security for events where illegal substances are a problem. Need to monitor drugs entering a festival? Security dogs are the answer.

Not only this, simply having dogs alongside guards is a deterrent. Trained security dogs are likely to outrun even the fittest people. Just the presence of a dog is likely to stop most criminals in their path.



Security dogs are fully trained to deal with all kinds of situations. Whether it be maintaining a crowd or chasing a criminal, they’ll remain in work mode in all scenarios. Dogs are naturally curious and, once trained, will always keep up their guard no matter what. Trained dogs are loyal. They will not hesitate to put themselves in harm’s way to protect their owners from a criminal. In situations where a guard could be taken over by fear, a security dog will not stand back.



Dogs can pick up on body language and assess a situation in ways that a human could miss. Trained security dogs can use this skill to the highest standard. An example of this could be pointing out a criminal in a line-up. Trained dogs can use their solid senses and pick up on nervous body language to do this. They can tell when something isn’t right, thanks to their high intelligence.



We’ve all heard the saying ‘man’s best friend’, and it really is no surprise; dogs are incredibly loyal, especially towards their owner. With loyalty, protection comes hand-in-hand, especially for trained dogs.


This works both ways. Having a security dog acts as motivation for guards. Serving as extra protection from criminals means guards feel more confident doing their job. Not only this, but being around animals is proven to improve our mood and reduce stress, two significant factors when working in such a demanding job. 

I’m sure you will agree that dogs are a fantastic addition to any security team. Acting as a deterrent, providing safety for guards and reducing stress in the workplace, you really will not regret the decision to use security dogs. One last thing to think about; adding dogs to your team is cheaper than hiring more guards or purchased state of the art technology. You can’t go wrong, if you are wanting to improve security, dogs are the perfect candidate.

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