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Security measures are a hugely important part of any event. All events are faced with safety challenges, no matter how big, or small, and a plan should always be in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. Security guards and technology such as CCTV will always be required, but more and more people are turning to security dogs for many reasons. Adding trained dogs to your security team can act as a deterrent. They are also a more efficient choice over other options.

Security dogs are a fail-safe option. Technology can fail, and human error is always a risk; dogs are loyal, and their strong senses mean they can spot threats that humans aren’t capable of. Alongside this, dogs provide exceptional companionship, just being around animals can improve our health and mood. Happy colleagues create a fantastic workforce!

So, what exactly do security dogs have to offer? 



One of the most impressive traits of security dogs is their strong senses. Their sense of smell is far superior to ours, meaning they can spot things that a security guard could potentially miss. Because of this, they are a popular choice of security for events where illegal substances are a problem. Need to monitor drugs entering a festival? Security dogs are the answer.

Not only this, simply having dogs alongside guards is a deterrent. Trained security dogs are likely to outrun even the fittest people. Just the presence of a dog is likely to stop most criminals in their path.



Security dogs are fully trained to deal with all kinds of situations. Whether it be maintaining a crowd or chasing a criminal, they’ll remain in work mode in all scenarios. Dogs are naturally curious and, once trained, will always keep up their guard no matter what. Trained dogs are loyal. They will not hesitate to put themselves in harm’s way to protect their owners from a criminal. In situations where a guard could be taken over by fear, a security dog will not stand back.



Dogs can pick up on body language and assess a situation in ways that a human could miss. Trained security dogs can use this skill to the highest standard. An example of this could be pointing out a criminal in a line-up. Trained dogs can use their solid senses and pick up on nervous body language to do this. They can tell when something isn’t right, thanks to their high intelligence.



We’ve all heard the saying ‘man’s best friend’, and it really is no surprise; dogs are incredibly loyal, especially towards their owner. With loyalty, protection comes hand-in-hand, especially for trained dogs.


This works both ways. Having a security dog acts as motivation for guards. Serving as extra protection from criminals means guards feel more confident doing their job. Not only this, but being around animals is proven to improve our mood and reduce stress, two significant factors when working in such a demanding job. 

I’m sure you will agree that dogs are a fantastic addition to any security team. Acting as a deterrent, providing safety for guards and reducing stress in the workplace, you really will not regret the decision to use security dogs. One last thing to think about; adding dogs to your team is cheaper than hiring more guards or purchased state of the art technology. You can’t go wrong, if you are wanting to improve security, dogs are the perfect candidate.

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When you think of a close protection officer (or bodyguard as they are more commonly known), you probably think they are just for celebrities or high profile individuals, such as MP’s. However, this is not the case: anybody who has safety concerns can hire a bodyguard. 

The role of a close protection officer (CPO) is often misunderstood, thanks to dramatisation in the media. Films often portray the career to be action-packed and full of danger; although this can be the case, the life of a bodyguard is usually a lot more mundane. 

If you are considering hiring a bodyguard, always make sure they are thoroughly trained and qualified. To work in England and Wales, a Close Protection Certificate is required.

If you or somebody you know is currently at risk of danger and you are considering hiring a CPO, read on to find out more about situations where hiring a bodyguard could be beneficial.


1.You Feel Unsafe Travelling

Travelling can be a daunting experience, especially if you are travelling internationally or to a high-risk area. For example, criminals in some countries are known to target business people, especially if they are alone and appear wealthy. Because of this, travellers can be at high risk of theft and even kidnap. 

Hiring a bodyguard for travel would make all the difference when ensuring your business trip is safe and trouble-free. They can help in every aspect from planning your trip to searching your vehicles, safety guaranteed.


2.You Have Received Threats

Have you had a fallout with a violent friend? Or have you ended an abusive relationship? You are never alone. If you feel threatened by somebody, help is always available. A fully trained CPO will ensure any potential violence is avoided.

Harassment and threats are at an all-time high due to social media, and we should never ignore online threats. If you have been receiving threats and are worried for your safety, hiring a personal bodyguard means you can continue with your day-to-day life without worrying about harm.


3.You Are Worried About Theft

If your job requires transporting large sums of money, valuable goods, or sensitive information, then you can be at high risk of attack and robbery. Hiring a bodyguard gives you an extra set of eyes; they are highly trained to look out for threats, things the average person could possibly miss.

If you want to get on with your job without worrying about your safety, or losing precious goods, hiring a CPO is the way to go.


4.You Are In The Public Eye

You do not need to be an A-list celebrity to be well known in your community. For example, maybe you are a local MP who has recently caused a stir in the area, and you are afraid of harassment. Having a bodyguard will deter unwanted attention.

Everybody who is in the public eye should consider hiring a CPO. TV personalities, CEO’s, or even lottery winners can be at risk of attack, and the list does not end there.


5.You Are Concerned For A Child’s Safety

Are you worried about the safety of your child when travelling to and from school? If they are a victim of bullying and you are concerned, you can hire a bodyguard to provide secure transportation. 

You can also hire bodyguards to monitor behaviour and bullying in school. More than a thousand children were caught with weapons in schools over the course of one year, according to a survey of 29 police forces in England and Wales. CPO’s in schools ensure that students are kept safe.

You need to remember that you are not alone; if you feel unsafe, you should seek help. No problem is too big or too small. Bodyguards are here to protect you and your family.


You can hire CPO’s to protect at certain times of the day, like travelling to work or for a specific event. They can also provide 24/7 protection if this is what you require. Bodyguards are not just for wealthy celebrities, and they likely won’t cost as much as you imagine.

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Most businesses would benefit from having manned guarding, most commonly known as security guards. Some businesses are more targeted by crimes such as theft, vandalism, and trespassing, so these places should always hire security guards to ensure the safety of staff and the public. Other security measures, such as CCTV cameras, should also be installed, but the presence of a security guard brings skills that electronic safety measures aren’t capable of providing.


What Is Manned Guarding?

Security guards are employed by the government or a private party to protect assets (property, equipment, people, documents, etc.) from various hazards and threats. A common misconception is that security guards don’t have any more legal rights than members of the public; they are just hired to provide safety.


7 Places That Should Have Manned Guarding


Many people enter hospitals every day for multiple reasons; it’s impossible to keep track of everybody entering. Hospitals and other medical centres should hire security guards and place them in strategic places, such as entrances, exits, and every hospital floor.


Residential Buildings

Monitoring who enters residential buildings, like flats, is crucial. People want to feel safe in their own homes; residential security provides this safety. Security guards on-site ensure access is only granted to the right people.


Large Events

Large scale events such as concerts and festivals are often places with a high amount of criminal activity. Security guards ensure nobody suspicious enters. They also look out for anything dangerous, such as drug dealing, and call the police when necessary. Alongside this, they are also on the lookout to help with medical emergencies.



Office spaces are always at risk of unwanted visitors. Some offices contain highly confidential and sensitive information. The presence of a security guard helps to keep private information safe and keep the occupants of the office safe from crime.



Museums often contain rare and expensive items, attracting criminals, thieves in particular. Security guards keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously. Guards are trained to pick up on behaviour that the average person might miss.



Possibly the place where security guards are most vital, banks are at a massive risk of theft and even armed robbers. Banks require the highest trained security guards as they are such high risk.



Shoplifting is a crime that happens every day; a 2019 study found that 359,156 shoplifting incidents were recorded in the UK- almost 1,000 a day. For this reason, security guards in shops are crucial in keeping stock safe and revenue up.


Benefits of Manned Guarding

Deter Criminals

Just the presence of a security guard can help prevent criminal activity. A vandal is much less likely to damage property if a security guard stood watching over them, right? 


Stop Criminals

Not only do guards deter criminals, but they can also stop them in the act. They are legally allowed to arrest somebody if they have reason to believe they are committing a crime. (The same rights as the public, but guards are more likely to step in and make an arrest)


Provide a Sense of Security

It is essential to ensure your staff and the public feel safe; having security guards provides a feeling of security. Of course, this is not a false sense of security; they provide more safety alongside peace of mind.


Monitor behaviour

Security guards are highly observant. They keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and will report anything that doesn’t sit right. Trained guards are likely to pick up on things the average person might miss.


Provide Customer Service

Security guards are there to welcome guests and provide helpful information when needed, for example, directions to a particular area of the building. 


If you have any questions regarding manned guarding or any other form of security, please get in touch with us. Here at Stok K9 Security Services, we offer a huge range of services to keep your premises safe.

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Hotels have many people coming and going from the building every day; this makes it difficult to track who is in the building and difficult to patrol and monitor behaviour. This is why hotel security is essential. Strong security measures keep staff, visitors, and the hotel’s reputation protected.

Thanks to technological advances, hotel security is becoming more effective and easier to put into place. Even though electronic security is highly effective, the presence of security guards is still a massive factor in deterring problems from occurring. So, let’s get on with it. Here’s your guide to hotel security.


Security Risks Hotels Face

Unauthorised Visitors

Due to countless guests, it’s hard for staff in a hotel to know every guest and keep track of who should be in the building. Guests are also legally allowed to bring visitors into a building, making it even harder for staff to monitor everybody coming in and out. This, unfortunately, means that if no security measures are in place, a potentially dangerous person can easily slip into a hotel unnoticed.



Theft is a risk many commercial properties face, hotels included. It has been known for guests to break into other rooms and steal belongings. Not only this, but guests often steal from hotel rooms. Whilst you can probably spare the cost of some shampoo or a towel if more significant items are stolen, this could set the hotel back a big chunk of money.


Damage to Parked Cars

Guests often leave their cars parked in hotel car parks for an extended period. Cars unattended for days on end can attract criminals, resulting in theft and vandalism. Suppose no CCTV cameras or other safety measures are in place. In that case, guests may not feel comfortable leaving their vehicles at a hotel, therefore stopping someone from choosing that hotel over others.


Security Measures to Put Into Place

Security Guards

Just the presence of a security guard acts as a deterrent to dangerous and criminal behaviour. Guards in a hotel can effectively stop unwanted guests from entering the building. Alongside working as a deterrent, security guards can step in and act accordingly if any criminal or suspicious behaviour occurs. 


Access Control Systems

Installing access control systems enable you to decide and track who enters certain parts of a building. Guests obviously expect only themselves and housekeeping to have access to their allocated room. Also, spaces like bars, gyms, and function rooms are usually only available for specific visitors; access control systems allow this type of management. 


CCTV Camera Systems

Security cameras can be placed in various locations to ensure hotel safety. Placing a CCTV camera in reception can deter criminal behaviour, keeping reception staff safe. CCTV cameras are a great option to install in your hotel car park. They can stop criminals from committing vandalism, and also if an incident does occur, they could help identify the suspect.


Other Ways You Can Increase Hotel Security


You might have many physical security solutions in place, but have you thought about cybersecurity? You should ensure your Wi-Fi runs on a secure network and is protected with a strong username and password. Up to 88% of UK companies have suffered breaches in the last 12 months, a study by Carbon Black found.

You also should make sure all computer systems in your hotel use passwords and are protected against viruses.


Inform and Educate your Staff

Consider setting time aside in your usual staff meetings to talk about security and safety in the hotel. Training videos are a great option; videos about what suspicious behaviour to look out for and how to deal with an emergency.


Improve Lighting

Ensure that isolated areas are well lit. Studies have shown that good lighting reduces crime by up to 36% in cities; the same likely applies to hotels. Concentrate on secluded areas such as corridors and car parks, and ensure adequate lighting outside rooms to avoid theft.


Excellent Customer Service

The saying ‘kill them with kindness’ comes to mind here; excellent customer service can prevent unwanted guests from entering your building. Encourage your staff to talk to guests, ask if they need any help. This way, staff can determine whether someone should be in the building. 


If you have any questions about installing hotel security or would just like some further information, contact us at Stok K9 Security Services. We are more than happy to help.

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Security guards are a popular form of security in many different properties and environments. Other security measures such as CCTV systems are effective, but having a security guard means somebody can step in when a situation occurs. Working as a security guard is challenging and sometimes dangerous, but they can prevent many bad situations from happening with the proper training and mindset. 

Being a security guard comes with many responsibilities of different levels of threat. Sometimes, there is confusion over what a security guard is legally allowed to do. What is their duty, and what needs to be left to higher authorities?


Some Main Responsibilities of a Security Guard

Be a Visible Deterrent of Crime

One of the most critical parts of being a security guard is always being visible whilst remaining as discrete as possible. Staying visible is one of the biggest deterrents to crime. For example, a shoplifter is far less likely to steal something from a shop if a security guard stands at the door. 

Always Stay Alert

Security guards always need to be on the lookout for potential risks; therefore, they must stay alert. Somebody with a short attention span, bad eyesight, or weak sense of smell won’t make for the best security guard. For example, they should detect the smell of a chemical leak and immediately let the right person know.

Remain Calm and Take Action In A Crisis

A security guard needs to know how to respond correctly to different situations, depending on the threat level. They need the mindset to remain calm whilst still acting fast. A lot of courage is required to be a security guard.

Remain Observant

A security guards job is not over once an emergency is stopped. The guard must continue to stay observant, looking out for any suspicious behaviour at all times. After an incident does occur, they also must report back everything that happened to authorities. Therefore, they must have good memory alongside observing skills. 

Make Sure Procedures Are Followed

Following policies and rules is an essential part of the job. For example, they might have to check the ID of everyone entering the building or preventing photography in a particular area. Security guards need to make sure these rules are always followed by staff and the public.

Be There to Help Guests

Acting as a concierge is often part of a security guards job. This means they need to be friendly, approachable and helpful, whilst remaining professional and alert. Being there to help guests whilst staying observant of surroundings requires excellent attention to detail.

Communicate With Authorities

In certain situations, the police should be contacted, as security guards only have a certain level of authority. Security guards need to acknowledge that they can’t act in the same way a police officer would.

Also, guards need to collect all information that higher authorities may need at a later date. For example, details that could identify a criminal. Even if a property has CCTV cameras, the identity of a criminal is not always clear, so a security guard’s skills can be a massive help.

Things a Security Guard Legally Has The Right to Do

Make an Arrest

Security guards don’t actually have any more legal rights than a member of the public! A company just hires them to provide safety. Just like the public, guards can arrest if they have a good reason.

Under section 24s of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, everybody can arrest if:

  • Someone is committing an offence, or you have reasonable grounds for suspecting them to be committing an offence
  • Somebody is guilty of committing a crime, and you have reasonable grounds for suspecting they are guilty

Search Suspicious Unattended Possessions

If a bag, or any other item, has been left unattended and the circumstances seem suspicious, then a security guard has the right to search these possessions. This is in the best interest of public safety.

Search an Unconcious Person to Identify Them

If somebody is unconscious and a security guard is trying to identify them, they can search the person for identification. This is in the best interest of the individual’s safety.

Refuse You Entry

A security guard is legally allowed to refuse you entry to a premise if they have a good reason. For example, if they ask to search your bag and you refuse. This is a rule that the premise owners often set.

Things a Security Guard Doesn’tDoesn’t Legally Have the Right to Do

Carry a Weapon

No, remember that security guards have the same legal rights as a member of the public. Therefore, in the UK, they are not allowed to carry weapons such as guns or tasers. They are permitted to carry handcuffs but should always receive proper training to use them correctly.

Use Excessive Force

Just like members of the public, security guards are only legally allowed to use reasonable force. As per the Criminal Law Act 1967, guards can ”use as much force as is valid in the circumstances in preventing crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large. ”

Perform a Search Without Your Permission

Security guards cannot search you, your possessions, or your property, without your consent. If a security guard has arrested someone on suspicion of shoplifting, they must wait for the police to arrive to search the person.

If you have any questions regarding a security guards responsibilities or would like information about any other security systems, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.